Breaking the Cycle

So you have been given workouts to do at home, you can walk/run outside or use a piece of exercise equipment you have at home, but you can’t seem to actually get up and do any of it!
It’s so easy to just stay in your pajamas all day and consider exercise but instead, choose to find an excuse to NOT.

How do you break this cycle?

First, you need to make it a priority.
Make it a Must Do, put it on your list to do for the day, put it in your day planner, at a specific time, make an appointment with yourself!

Consistency is key!!!
Form a HABIT!!!

Don’t rely on Motivation….rely on doing it because it is a habit. Like brushing your teeth, or taking your vitamins.

So get out your schedule/calendar/day planner, whatever, for the next week and write in (pick a specific time), when and what you are going to do for a workout.
Don’t go at it blindly.
Having a plan is also super important.
Just don’t go into your “gym” and pick up some weights and do a few curls, squats and then get bored and bam you are done and discouraged.

Here’s an example of a possible week plan:

Mon-Strength workout from trainer
Tue- Cross train- ie; stationary bike, treadmill, rower, or walk/run outside
Wed-Strength workout or Hiit training from trainer
Thursday- Core work and/or active rest day, walk, hike etc
Friday-Strength workout from trainer
Saturday- rest day
Sunday- Choice of a longer sustained cardiovascular activity–long bike ride, a long hike or walk or run, etc…

This is of course just an example of how you may layout a plan for a week. You may require more rest days, you may do less strength work or more. It all depends on your goals.

Shoot me a message if you’d like some guidance, I’d love to help you figure out how to do it at home!

I hope this helps.

Just Keep Moving!