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Personal Training

Working one on one with a Certified Personal Trainer is the ideal way to get personalized training with the whole individual in mind. After an initial consultation, I will develop a program designed specific to your starting point, your history and most importantly with your goals in mind.
There is no “one size fits all” mentality in designing programs for my clients. I strive to take what you come to me with, both the physical and mental attributes, and help you to become the best version of yourself!
I specialize in working with women, specifically women of advanced age, and my goals are helping you to achieve greater levels of health, making you feel stronger, confident and more energized!
I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to feel amazing and one of my goals is to help you find that!

Please contact Amy to inquire about Personal Training.


Small Group Training


If you work best in a small group to help motivate you and build commradery, than Small Group Training might be just the ticket.
Led by a Certified Personal trainer, classes are 1 hour long and limited to 10 participants or less.
Your trainer, who has your safety, performance, and goals in mind, also has a deep understanding of what it takes to look and feel you best. They will guide you through workouts that offer a variety of Strength Training Exercises, using varying modalities (dumbbells, medicine balls, suspension training, etc..), as well as Cardiovascular opportunities to burn fat and build muscle.
Also know as the #sweatybettys, this group definitaly earns its name!

Please contact for information on signing up for SGT.


“I am grateful to have been able to have Amy as my personal trainer for many years now. Amy has never judged me for my weight or my struggles with food. She always meets me where I am in with my weight loss journey and helps me move in a positive direction. Amy has a great way of keeping it real.”
– Pauline S.

Group Classes

Our goal in providing classes of this nature, is to provide a fun, safe, and effective group class environment. With proper form, effective exercise and motivation as primary goals, our highly trained instructors will be sure you get an awesome workout!!

These group classes are a fun twist to Pilates and Yoga classes. The workouts are set to pop music that will have you flowing through moves that can include core conditioning, dance, stretching and athletic drills to get you max results.
PiYo classes are 1 hour long, are low impact, and open to all abilities.
Drop ins are welcome or purchase a 10 Class Punch Card. Please contact for more information.

Moxie Fit:
When asked over and over to offer a “Beginner Class”, Amy delivered by designing a body weight strength and conditioning class that is open to all abilities!
With the definition of MOXIE being: force of character, determination or nerve…. this was a perfect name for a class that many women join because they are determined to get healthier, get moving again, and have the nerve to jump back into a group class setting!
Classes involve up beat music, safe, highly motivating instruction, full body strengthening and cardiovascular conditioning in this 45 minute class.
Come get your Moxie on!
Drop ins are welcome or purchase a 10 Class Punch Card. Please contact for more information.


Nutrition Coaching


As the saying goes, Abs are made in the Kitchen!
By starting with your goals and needs in mind, I will develop a personalized plan to help you eat, move and live better in a way that fits into YOUR life.
As your coach, I will give you accountability, direction and support every step of the way.
Primarily done all online with video check-ins and/ or phone calls, a daily nutrition log and accountability app, I will be right by your side, step by step.
By using a Sustainable, practice-based approach to build healthy habits into your life, you will develop life long strategies to healthy eating.
You’ll develop a better relationship with food, say goodbye to dieting, food obsessions, emotional eating, and body anxieties for good!

Contact Amy to get more information on Nutrition coaching packages and options.

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